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Allergies: Soy

Soy, which is called Soya outside the USA, is used in manufactured products and also commonly in processed food. Because of this, reading labels is important for people who are allergic to soy. Amy's clearly lists soy in each product's ingredients list, and while others use soy ingredients for emulsifiers and fillers, Amy's never uses these.

To find a list of Amy's products made without soy, click here.

Fan letters:

Amy's KitchenDear Amy,
I am SUPER in love with your California Veggie Burger! I am a vegetarian with a soy allergy. It is SO hard to find ANY products without soy, let alone veggie burgers. I cant thank you enough! Keep up the great work!

Amy's KitchenDear Amy,
My husband just recently decided eat in a humane way and go vegetarian. After educating himself, a long professed carnivore went vegetarian! I was simply delighted that he was "coming over to my side." However, due to symptoms associated with food allergies, he was allergy tested just 2 months after his conversion. We were both devastated to learn that he is allergic to soy! After calling a natural foods store for suggestions, I was disheartened when the voice on the other line giggled and asked "a vegetarian allergic to soy?" I was told we could come and read the labels but they were unsure how much we could find. But, thanks to you, my husband can now continue to live the veggie lifestyle!

Pamela Patrick


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