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Other Allergies

At Amy’s we make our own food, which means that we are able to control issues of contamination. Because we never make anything with peanuts, eggs, meat or seafood, people with food allergies seek us out. Here are some letters from fans who have written to tell us about their specific allergy and how Amy’s makes their lives a little easier.



Fan letters:

Amy's KitchenDear Amy,
IN a word wow!!!! I am actually allergic to preservatives, not leaving much room for variety. Especially frozen foods. I love all the meals i have tried so far. Just had the pesto pizza for the first time tonight, love it!!!!! Thank you all for making such wonderful food i can eat, & enjoy so very much. I plan on having a family soon, & my kid's will grow up on amy's as well. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Sincerly, Michele Landers



Dear Amy,
Believe it or not, I've never written a company concerning their product, but I'm compelled to tell you how much I appreciate your product. It is literally life saving for me!
I recently developed a food allergy to seafood and had two violent reactions in a row. It was so traumatizing that I was afraid to eat any 'pre-packaged' food for almost a year. I lost so much weight and was not eating healthy. Prior to this, I frequently bought your products because many are organic and veggie. After I started researching 'pre-packaged' foods again, I was delighted to discover you use NO seafood/shellfish products. I can eat all of your products without 'fear' of exposure. I can't tell you much I appreciate (mentally and physically) your products!
Thanks again for providing nutritious products to the masses!
From Stacy Wriston

Dear Amy,
I am allergic to eggs, bananas, all nuts, soy (minimally) limes and melons.  The eggs, soy and nuts are the hardest to find not in prepackaged food.  I am excited to try more of your foods.  Today, I tried the roasted veggie enchilada with black beans and LOVED IT! thanks so much! I have downloaded diet. found what I can have with my allergies and plan to check out kroger, ingles and walmart this weekend.
Melissa Watson

I wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with your staff, as well as your food!
My daughter has severe food allergies and when I called I was met with kindness, patience and understanding.
I am extremely grateful for making the food allergy call a positive one.
Michelle Smith


This weekend when I was shopping at Harris Teeters, I came upon your No Cheese Veggie Pizza. To my surprise, this was the first time I've seen someone offer a cheese free pizza. Being allergic to cheese, I've often been disappointed at not having a choice to purchase cheese free pizzas, until now. I appreciate you offering this item, and I will be purchasing this many times in the future.


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