Organic Black Bean Vegetable Soup / Légumes Et Haricots Noirs Biologiques

Organic Black Bean Vegetable Soup/Légumes Et Haricots Noirs

We first tasted this soup in a lovely little restaurant in Puerto Escondido, Mexico – and begged the owner for the recipe. It’s rich in flavour from vegetables and organic black beans, a good source of fibre. Gluten free/dairy free/soy free/lactose free/tree nut free/vegan/kosher/plant based

Nous avons d'abord goûté cette soupe dans un charmant petit restaurant à Puerto Escondido, au Mexique, et nous avons supplié le propriétaire de nous donner sa recette. Elle est riche en saveurs de légumes et de haricots noirs biologiques, une bonne source de fibres. Sans gluten/sans produits laitiers/sans soya/sans lactose/sans noix/végétalien/casher/à base de plantes

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California-inspired Soups

Our soups start as vegetables, not as broth. We begin by slowly sautéing tender organic vegetables with herbs, creating the base of each soup flavour. This modern, California-inspired method of making soups allows for the unique fresh flavours of each soup to come forward, rather than overwhelming the flavour with the taste of broth.