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Ooey Gooey Cheese? Yes Please!

New research: Calcium gleaned from foods rather than pills protects bones better.


At Snack Spy HQ, we believe anything is better with Cheddar (potatoes, broccoli, dinner with the mother-in-law). But we didn't think we were doing our waistline any favors by indulging. That is, until research at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis gave us a new reason to say "cheese!": Women who get calcium from food rather than supplements see a 6 percent reduction in body fat for every 300 mg of calcium they eat–plus reap healthier bones and fewer PMS symptoms. But one look at the label of some popular treats reveals a lack of calcium and an overload of calories. So we tracked down three cheese-tastic, high calcium snacks that deliver plenty of guilt-free melty goodness.

Whether pizza is frozen or from the "world famous" neighborhood joint, we can never stop at just one slice. So when we spied bite size pizza rolls at the store, we thought, What a perfect way to satisfy a hankering without going overboard. The problem: With ingredients like enzyme-modified cheese and partially hydrogenated oil these things sound more high-tech than wholesome. Thankfully, a friend shared the scoop on a new way to get a pizza fix: Amy's Cheese Pizza Snacks ($7 for the 6oz., at and most supermarkets). These teeny treats have a puffy crisp crust filled with genuine tomatoe sauce and real mozzarella. And each six-roll serving has 15 percent of the daily value of calcium for just 190 calories. Mangia!

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