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News articles related to our company and products.

Gimme Light

Amy’s Light & Lean on NBC’s Today Show

Amy's Light & Lean Lasagna highlighted on the Today Show.

The Essential 30: 2010 foodie awards

Readers’ Fave: Amy’s Gluten-Free Non-Dairy Chocolate Cake
“A cake you can proudly serve anywhere, anytime. No one will guess it’s gluten-free (or from the freezer).”
Readers’ Fave: Amy’s Rice Macaroni with Non-Dairy Cheeze
“The ultimate vegan cheese (Daiya) is featured in this comfort food staple.”
Runners-up: Amy’s Broccoli and Spinach White Pizza
“The creamy, complex white sauce makes this a stand-out pie.”

30-Minute Meals: Five-Ingredient Family Faves

Shake Your Salt Habit with: Amy’s Light in Sodium
“Delicious low-salt takes on Amy’s all-natural burgers, burritos and soups.” Starting at 190 mg/ serving

Taste Test Awards: Grocery Categories Winners Margherita Pizza

Taste Test Award: Amy’s Kitchen
“Topped with organic tomatoes, whole-milk mozzarella, and lots of basil, this one is a thin-crust-lover’s primo pick.”

Hot Diet Book” The 7-Day Carblovers Kickstart Plan

Dinners: Amy’s Black Bean Vegetables Enchilada
“Amy’s is known for its healthy convenience food, and this delicious meal doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get Resistant Starch from the black beans, plus a few veggies, and it will only cost you 320 calories.”

Editor’s Pick: Amy’s Vegan Rice Macaroni with Non-Dairy Cheeze

Snack Your Way Slim: Under 200 Calories

Amy's Gluten Free & Non-Dairy Cake in Chocolate

(180 calories, 7g fat per 2oz slice)
You'd never guess that this vegan cake comes from a box, not from a gourmet bakery. "It's so moist and fudgy, I was shocked to discover it wasn't made with any dairy or eggs!" said a snacker. ($6 for an 11oz cake)

Best International Frozen Meal: Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma

(310 calories, 12g fat per meal) The vegetarian selection beat out meals with meat because of its authentic indian flavor. Plus it packs 20% of your daily iron needs.

The 4th annual fitness Healthy Food Awards:

Best in Freezer: Amy’s Teriyaki Wrap
“This vegetarian mixture of brown rice, tofu and vegetables has a sweet-and-sour flavor.” Calories/ wrap: 310

100% Grilling! Taste test: Veggie Burgers

Best Original: Amy’s All American Veggie Burger
“This smoky organic fave is crammed with stick-to-your-ribs ingredients like mushrooms, oats and potatoes. Walnuts add meatiness, and molasses sweetens the deal. Trust us: The strange-sounding combo works. Panelists raved about its ‘crispy outside and soft inside,’ and even likened it to beef. Line up, skeptical carnivores!” ($4.99 for a box of 4 patties, at grocery stores)

Amy’s Pizza Snacks on “Unwrapped”

The Kiwi Awards

What are the best natural and organic foods for kids? More than 1,000 readers chose these winners!
Frozen Pizza: #1 Amy’s
Frozen Mac and Cheese: #1 Amy’s

Amy’s California Burger on “The Doctors”

Travis recommends our California Burgers!

Better Breakfasts

Ooey Gooey Cheese? Yes Please!

New research: Calcium gleaned from foods rather than pills protects bones better.

Amy’s Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Organic Soup

PER SERVING (1/2 can): 140 calories, 2.5g fat, 690mg sodium, 24g carbs, 5g fiber, 3g sugars, 5g protein -- POINTS® value 2*

We're big fans of most Amy's products, so this new soup totally caught our attention. The hearty part is right on. It's thick and super filling -- almost like chili or stew. It has high-fiber brown rice (which we love) that's seasoned Spanish style, plus loads of veggies. Welcome to HG school, soup!

Guilt-Free Pizza: Amy’s Margherita Pizza

Dinner and a Movie

With allergies or celiac, why stress over finding a restaurant with your gang of friends? A great alternative is to have everybody to your place for some safe and surprisingly tasty fast-food, while gathered round the DVD screen. Here are some delicious culinary choices, with film suggestions on the side.

Amy’s On!

Oprah’s website calls Amy’s “the company that brings freshness to your pantry and freezer.” Be sure to watch the video made by Oprah’s producers all about Amy's by clicking here. The video offers a great depiction of the Berliner family and what motivates them to keep producing top quality, great tasting organic meals.

The 20 Best Organic Foods for Men

Your earth healing, diet-improving shopping list for healthier, tastier meals all day long.

Goodness Inside

Warm & Toasty
Found: a healthy toaster pastry that's jammy and sweet, but not too sugary. (Amy's Toaster Pops in Strawberry, $1.99)

Easy Eats

In case the holidays have run you ragged and you need a break from the kitchen, we've rounded up four tasty frozen appetizers to pick up the slack–whether you're hosting a New Year's get-together or a game-day bash.

Energy Savings

Amy's Kitchen is saving more than $50,000 per year in energy costs.

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