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Hot Fuel

Hot Fuel

Start your day with a warm, comforting and nutritious breakfast.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that children who eat the morning meal do better in school, and nutritionists agree that skipping breakfast can actually prevent weight loss. On top of that, consuming healthy fare when you wake up not only revs your metabolism so that your body can burn fat, but it also boosts your cognitive function so you'll think clearly. So get with the program and be sure to fuel your body every morning. And what better way to do that – especially in the winter – than with a piping-hot, nutriously delicious breakfast? Forget lumpy oatmeal, sugary treats, carb-loaded bagels or –worse– greasy diner food. Nurture yourself with these natural picks, which will keep you full and satisfied throughout your hectic (and occasionally endless) mornings.

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