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Franks & Beans Day


Baked BeansPRODUCT: Amy’s Organic Beans
Filed under Kosher Nibbles, Rice/Beans/Grains, Vegan

July 13th is Franks & Beans Day. Thank goodness for Amy’s—we can celebrate with quality baked beans. Amy’s Organic Vegetarian Baked Beans are the best canned beans we’ve had: rich, hearty beans that aren’t drowning in the cloying sweetness that other brands succumb to.

(What is it with manufacturers who sweeten every savory food, so that meat and vegetables smack of sugar? Isn’t that what dessert is for? Do Americans really want everything to taste sweet, or want to ingest all that extra weight-gain and diabetes-inducing sugar?)

Also delicious are Amy’s Organic Traditional Refried Beans (pinto beans), Organic Refried Beans with Green Chiles and Organic Refried Black Beans—all of which go perfectly well with franks and other foods, and should’t be reserved for Mexican dishes. That being said, the quality of Amy’s refried beans is superior to most Mexican restaurants. Just heat and serve!

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