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We Love: Rachel Berliner, Amy’s Kitchen Cofounder

Long before “locavore” became a buzzword, before organic foods appeared on neighborhood store shelves, before vegetarians numbered in the tens of millions, Rachel Berliner and her husband, Andy, were working hard to create Amy’s Kitchen, their enormously successful line of natural frozen foods. As any working parent—Amy’s is named for their daughter, born right before the company was created—would know, Rachel struggled to put nutritious meals on her family’s table, finding that vegetarian ones were next to impossible. Amy’s, now in its 20th year, is truly a family affair: Rachel’s husband Andy is CEO, her mother Eleanor is the company’s chief copywriter, and daughter Amy has her own section on the company website where she blogs. And each member of the family taste-tests Amy’s products before they’re added to the line (jealous!).

It’s easy to admire Rachel and the rest of the Amy’s team for their great-tasting and healthy products, but it’s their commitment—to keeping Amy’s a family operation, to using sustainable practices, to supporting organic farmers, to keeping their customers in mind all the time, to raising consciousness about the benefits of eating healthy foods—that makes them stand out. So, raise that slice of Amy’s pizza and toast a pathbreaking, and well-fed, woman!

To learn more about Rachel and the Amy’s Kitchen products, visit (you're already there!)

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