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Swapping In Wheat Crust

Wall Street Journal

Food makers are trying to take some guilt out of gorging on pizza.

They are launching a slew of pies with whole wheat and whole grain crusts. But while the pizzas may be a little bit healthier, they tend to have a similar number of calories and grams of fat per serving. (And a word of warning: A serving is often just one third or one-half of the pie.)

We fired up our ovens and baked four different frozen pizzas. The quality of the pies we tasted ranged from fantastic to less than appetizing. Here's how they measured up.

Amy's Kitchen Cheese and Pesto Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust

Price/Availability: $6.39;
Calories/Total Fat: 360 calories/18grams of fat per serving.

Comment: Amy's frozen pizza was outstanding. The pesto and tomato sauce combination was a nice change from standard pizza sauce. We could only faintly taste the wheat in the crust. The pies are fairly small; there area only three servings per pie. We had to fight off urges to eat the entire pizza in one sitting.

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