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News articles related to our company and products.

Freedom To Eat

Ask Andy Berliner

Andy Berliner co-founded Amy's Kitchen with his wife, Rachel, in 1987. Amy's had $240 million in revenue in its 2008 fiscal year and has 1,700 employees.

Lose weight on fast food (really!)

Want to get slim on the go? Drop a quick 10 pounds with our convenience-food plan.

The ‘Amy’s Kitchen’ Kid Tells All

'When i was little, I used to sneak over to my friends house to eat Jif peanut.'

Healthy Reviews

Swapping In Wheat Crust

Food makers are trying to take some guilt out of gorging on pizza.

They are launching a slew of pies with whole wheat and whole grain crusts. But while the pizzas may be a little bit healthier, they tend to have a similar number of calories and grams of fat per serving. (And a word of warning: A serving is often just one third or one-half of the pie.)

Flat Belly Foods: Cereal

Amy's Organic Bowls Steel Cut Oats Hot Cereal

Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Amy’s Kitchen

Two segments featuring the Berliner family and the benefits of organic farming.


We Love: Rachel Berliner, Amy’s Kitchen Cofounder

Long before “locavore” became a buzzword, before organic foods appeared on neighborhood store shelves, before vegetarians numbered in the tens of millions, Rachel Berliner and her husband, Andy, were working hard to create Amy’s Kitchen, their enormously successful line of natural frozen foods.

Winner’s Circle

We taste-tested dozen of frozen pizzas-these top scoring pies really deliver:

Amy’s Multi-Grain Hot Cereal Bowl

We typically don't do backflips over hot cereal, because we usually don't find the portion sizes satisfying enough. However, we were more than pleasantly surprised when we tried this new b-fast bowl from Amy's.

Amy’s Kitchen - Roasted Vegetable Pizza

OK, the Fancy Food Show hasn’t started yet, but I want to post about our new favorite pizza - the Roasted Vegetable Pizza from Amy’s Kitchen.

Women’s Health Names 100 Best Packaged foods for Women.

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