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SHOPPING CART: Kid-friendly meals, bars and snacks

Sure, homemade food is always best, but once in a while parents need something ultra-quick to feed their children, especially in the busy back-to-school weeks.

Most frozen meals for kids are pretty scary, with ingredient lists that read like the Yellow Pages. That's why the new Kids Meals from Amy's in Petaluma are nice to have around in an emergency.

Two noodle dishes - macaroni and cheese and baked ziti - come with focaccia, broccoli and a fruit dessert. The ziti meal is gluten- and dairy-free. Kids might not love the foccacia, which is a little chewy, but they should enjoy the noodles. And there's nothing mysterious on the ingredient list, which includes organic pasta, vegetables and fruit.

Amy's Kids Meals are $2.99-$4.49 at natural foods stores like Berkeley Bowl, Apple Market in Novato, and many Whole Foods markets.

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