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Amy’s Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque Soup

As organic products continue to become more and more popular with today’s American shopper, companies like Amy’s are keeping up with the trend. Not only is this tasty soup USDA certified organic, but you also notice that where soups tend to be high in sodium, this one contains about half that of most brands.

What’s in Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s shopping cart?

This bubbly co-host of The View is an avid label reader, but she's not simply scoping out fat grams and calories. "Last year I learned that I had celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that leaves me unable to digest gluten, a protein found in a lot of grains," says Hasselbeck, who's expecting her second child this month. "Shopping is more of a challenge these days, but I can still find delicious food."

Amy’s Texas Burger

We spend so much time RAVING about Amy's soups and various and sundry frozen entrees and snacks, that we sometimes forget they have a whole line of veggie burgers. So to get reacquainted with them, we ran out and bought a box of Texas Burgers and got busy with our grill pan.

Tomato Sauce!

Store-bough tomato sauce in a jar helps make a quick meal. It's also a good source of vitamins C and A and the cancer-fighting antioxidant lycopene. We sampled 64 organic and natural varieties- and found these four to be the tastiest.

Star-Worthy Snacks!

Whether you're counting calories, avoiding sugar or only eating organic, Lisa Lillien of has the tasty, guilt-free goodies for you.

If you keep it vegan like Alicia Silverstone...
Try Amy's Mexican Tamale Pies
150 calories per 8-oz pie. $2.69 each at stores nationwide:

SHOPPING CART: Kid-friendly meals, bars and snacks


Sure, homemade food is always best, but once in a while parents need something ultra-quick to feed their children, especially in the busy back-to-school weeks.

Most frozen meals for kids are pretty scary, with ingredient lists that read like the Yellow Pages. That's why the new Kids Meals from Amy's in Petaluma are nice to have around in an emergency.

Amy’s in the UK


The brand new, beautiful Whole Foods store just opened in London. There is an entire freezer door devoted to Amy’s Kitchen!

Best from the Freezer!

AMY'S VEGGIE COMBO PIZZA ($5.99/16 ounces) Great-tasting organic option loaded with .. the works"-mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts and a fresh-tasting sauce (300 calories).

The Nourishers

The Berliner's presciently realized that even crunchy vegetarians can't always get to the farmers' market and prepare a home-cooked meal. For that reason, their company, founded in 1987 and named for their daughter born to them that year, has become America's largest maker of natural and organic frozen foods.

“What I can’t live without”


Amy's Bowls
"It's so easy to microwave these delicious, healthy meals-in-a-bowl. Without them, I'd be eating a whole lot of peanut butter straight from the jar." - Lisa Singer Moran New York City

The Best of Breakfast

Meatless breakfast sausage

Amy's Kitchen Vegetarian Breakfast Patti,-, Even the meat lovers on our staff said "mmm" when they tasted this yummy patty.

Let there be Light


Trying to squeeze more beans into your diet? There's nothing easier than heating up a can of chili for a quick, hearty lunch or dinner

But when the label says Campbell's, Bush's, or Hormel, canned chili that's made with beef means double trouble: if the sodium (which typically hits 1,200 milligrams per cup) doesn't get you, the saturated fat (often 5 to 7 grams) will.

Just Souper


Ladle up a veg version of Thom Kha Phak that'll leave guests begging for the Thai take-out number. This organic explosion of exotic flavors can be found in a can-yes, a can -of latest and possibly tastiest addition, Thai Coconut Soup. Subtly sweet and tart, the spiced coconut milk broth envelops tofu, lemongrass, shiitake mushrooms and other veggies to deliver an authentically smooth taste that's almost as good as trip to Southeast Asia.

Taste Test

Best Frozen PIzzas

Amy's Cheese PIzza
Made with organic flour, Amy's crispy, thin-crust pizza had the tastiest crust of all the ones we sampled ($6.79 for 13 oz;

Freshly picked . . . from the freezer

This is a frozen apple pie with integrity. The apples are organic, the whole-wheat flour is organic, the dairy is rBST -hormone-free, there is no corn syrup, no GMOs -- actually, the ingredients are pretty much what you would use if you were baking at home.

The Healthiest New Soups

Soup's reputation as a dietfriendly food isn't entirely deserved: Some versions are loaded with fat and salt.

Chew the right thing

Buy the Pie!
By definition, a shepherd's pie is a baked meat pie with a crust of mashed potatoes. So right off the bat this particular one is a bit unconventional, because it's completely meat-free. As you may or may not know, our close pal Amy (the genius behind this find) makes veggie products, so you won't find meat in anything she puts out.

Salsa Stars

This zesty and healthy chip topper is fast becoming America's favorite condiment. But since all salsas are not created equal, we sought out the best organic mild, hot and wild (read: unconventional) options available. After all, who wants nachos spiked with pesticides? Of the 15 jars we tested, these took the chip.


Amy's Kitchen has impressed us again, this time with its Vegetarian Breakfast Patties. These actually taste more like a veggie burger than sausage, thanks to organic vegetables and wheat in place of soy, with just a touch of sausage flavoring.

Pizza upgrades simple, nutritious

Amy's cornmeal crust upgrade: Amy's Kitchen 3 Cheese Pizza with Cornmeal Crust is good on its own. The crust definitely helps it stand out from all the other cheesy pizzas. But it's even better when a smattering of mushrooms are thrown into the mix.

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