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Health MagazineSo now you know, I'm NOT a fan of Indian food. And I have been to two or three of the best restaurants in Chicago serving so-called Indian cuisine. First of all, the aroma of curry makes me ill. Maybe not literally, but as aromas go, it's way too overwhelming for my tastes. That was the problem with the Indian restaurants I went to - too much curry in the air. And greasy, very greasy. And beyond that, the spiciness of some of these Indian offerings would put an elephant on its knees. My Indian friends tell me that I just haven't been to the right Indian restaurant yet. "Maybe," one of my Indian friends said, "you need a more open mind when it comes to appreciating authentic Indian food." Nah. All I really needed to get me hooked on Indian food was to try the line of ethnic Indian meals from Amy's Kitchen. Of course, I've long been a fan of this fast-growing little company (although I wonder how big this "little" critter has become after all these years of successfully developing its business?) which has made its mark via a growing line of high-quality organic offerings, from soup to frozen pizza and microwaveable meals, to outstanding pasta sauces and salsas, and more. It's just a great company with great food that is building a huge audience of admirers and customers (generally one and the same).

But it was the Indian food that wowed me this time around. Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer dinner (curried peas and cheese with rice and chana masala made with organic rice, tomatoes and peas) was spicy all right, but not enough to buckle my knees. In fact, it was amazingly "just right" in character, blend of spices and flavor. If there was an Indian restaurant where I could be served food as good as this from Amy's Kitchen, I'd eat there, which is about the highest compliment I can pay this company. Funny thing is, I'm the idiot who predicted years ago that organic food wouldn't make much noise in the U.S. marketplace. It was Amy's Kitchen that convinced me otherwise. And now it's Amy's Kitchen that has turned me on to Indian food. Too bad my friends there haven't seen a niche yet for a chain of Amy's Kitchen restaurants - it could be my favorite place to go for Indian cuisine.

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