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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Hi there,

I saw your company on TV - not sure if it was Unwrapped or How's it made...something like that.

I bought for your philosphy but will stay for the taste.

Shelley Vancouver Canada

Dear Amy,

Can't wait to taste more and more Amy's products. I've shopped in the states and they have more of a selection but I'm thankful for the Amy's products we CAN get here in Canada smile Keep em comin!



Adam Lloyd

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to say I tried my first Amy's meal  - the margherita pizza
and it was the BEST pizza i've ever had! I can't believe it was organic,
healthy and didn't take long to cook at all! I am beginning to change my
lifestyle, including my diet and am really happy to have found a organic
company that has DELICIOUS food! I have been so skeptical of organic,
vegetarian and vegan products and am often disappointed. Thanks for your delicious food! I also hope we can get more
selection in Ontario, canada
From Valerie Estioko

Hi there, just wanted to say that I recently tried your Lentil soup and it is amazing... homemade taste and quality good for you ingredients.  I don't normally send emails to companies but in this case ur product is too good not too.  Thanks!


Renfrew, Ontario, Canada



I recently tried your Indian frozen entrees from a friend of mine. he is a strict vegetarian who is in amazing physical shape. he swears by Amy's products. I would also like to look like him some day. I believe eating healthy food (according to him) is one of these ways.

Adam Lloyd

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

I would really like to take this opportunity to thank Amy's, because I have never found something this amazing before - you're a company that caters towards the vegan/vegetarian diet, and it makes my life so much easier! I really commend your team for that, because I find sometimes it can be difficult it I am looking for a quick meal, there are sometimes limited options available (and often times, unhealthy as well). I tried the Amy's Lentil Soup, and I fell in love. Truth be told, I haven't had

lentil soup before, so it was definitely my first time. It was full of delicious flavor, and loaded with hearty vegetables. Excellent flavor combination and balance. Thank you once again, and I cannot wait to try other Amy's products.


From Michelle C.

Dear Amy,

Thank you for your pizza my kids love it. One is allergic to everything and one has tummy problems. When i found your pizza I did the mother of all happy dances. lol keep it up.


lynn clayton

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

I have recently had to change my diet to gluten free.  It has been difficult since I first couldn’t find many foods . I then came across your Amy’s Products. One product in particular was your pizza. I must say that I was very impressed with it. It was not cardboard like a few that I have tried like pizza pizza!  It was amazing! That my family even liked it as well. They not only told me that they liked it but wanted it again. I didn’t tell them it was my gluten free pizza and when they found out they didn’t mind to have it again with me. I have picky eaters and it’s hard to find something everyone likes. I love the variety of foods you offer and how easy it is to make dinner now. I first found it a challenge. I love providing healthier and delicious food for my family and your products help me do that.  Thank-you Amy’s for making products that I can have and my family loves too!


Anthony F

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Good day. My wife recently introduced your line of tamales to me and I was instantly hooked.  I'm a 21 year member of the Air Force and most days I don't make it home for lunch.  It's difficult to find delicious frozen meals anymore. However I can honestly say that every single Amy's meal I have eaten has been wonderful!  My latest favorite are your Spinach Feta Pockets.  I choose to microwave and pop in the toaster in the break room for that crispy crust.  It's satisfying and great!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my letter.

Capt.  Goeke

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I have searched very long and hard for good gluten-free cookies, and most taste like a mouthful of rice flour.  Amy's Almond Shortbread Cookies are like a rich buttery explosion in my mouth and practically leave me on my knees begging for more!  Keep up the good work.


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