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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Hi Amy's kitchen, We are enjoying a pizza of yours all the way over in Glan Munchweiler, Germany. Thanks!
From Matt

Dear Amy,
I haven't been a vegetarian for many years now, but that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. first came across your products in the commissary here at Camp LeJeune, and I was highly impressed. It's quick, delicious, and healthy. Even my husband, a self-avowed carnivore, loves your pizzas and burritos. Thank you for making such wonderful products!
From Jennna

Dear Amy,
I am a pilot in the Air Force Reserves and fly long flights across the ocean and into the Middle East. With just a refrigerator and a small conventional oven, eating something tasty and nutritious is a challenge. I was so excited to find Amy's at the commissary in Ramstein, Germany (and I'm not even a vegetarian). They are my go-to meals on every flight, and they keep me full and happy on those long days. Thank you!

Dear Amy,?

Hi there. My husband and I both always have preferred to bring our meals to work instead of eating out because it saves money- but we were so tired of the terrible frozen foods out there. I think we tried just about every brand out there and personally I never found anything that I truly enjoyed. We were shopping at Central Market in Dallas, TX when we came upon Amy's. We decided to try a few burritos at first and we both agreed that they were wonderful. That led us to try more and more of the Amy's products. We have never turned back! They are practically all we ever take for lunches. We aren't vegetarians but we appreciate that not only is Amy's BY FAR the best tasting frozen meals, but also the healthiest that we can find. I am so thankful for your brand- they have made lunches (and sometimes dinners!) so much better for us!
?Thank you!?

Amy Cheatham


Dear Amy,?
A million thanks for adding "low sodium" products to your already impressive frozen foods lineup. My mother, who is on a sodium-restricted diet, especially enjoys them. But we all should be consuming less salt. Most companies include so much of it, probably attempting to mask poor quality ingredients, but Amy's has nothing to hide! Once again your company has demonstrated its trendsetting ways and concern for the consumer.?
Jen Viegas

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