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Dear Amy,
I'm sick today.

I brought a can of Amy's Tomato Soup to work. I got it on sale at Sunflower Market though I have been having Campbell's Tomato Soup since childhood.

I love Tomato Soup - many have too much basil, too watery, or just blah so I go back to what I know.

Amy's is now my favorite.

It was so good I ate the whole bowl.  It was so tasty and on a cold windy day in Denver. It was perfect.

Thank you,

Dear Amy,
Hey there Amy's! I just had to write and tell you that some of us at my office have changed the way we eat. Not only have I stopped eating
meat, but have begun eating organic as much as possible. To my surprise, I have not had to give up anything. I feel so much better and have even lost 20lbs in 2 months without exercising! We all are having similar results and are loving your products. It is so nice to pop one of your Bowls in the microwave and know that it is going to be filling, delicious & good for me. Thank you for all you do!

From Teri

Dear Amy,
Hi - I use Amy's Kitchen meals to maintain my 90-pound weight loss!
Thanks Amy's! It works! Plus all food is absolutely delicious!

From Denise

Dear Amy,
I lost weight on the amy's diet!

I've lost 85 pounds so far. I went from 325 to 230. I'm 6'2 so 230 isn't
bad. I'm also a working musician in L.A. and I feel way better and have
way more energy to do what I do.

Thank-you for the great food.


Dear Amy,
How delicious (and good for us!) your products are! I have loved the soups and pizza from the very beginning and now I notice my store is carrying so many more Amy's products! I LOVE the bowls and stock them up in my freezer for any night I want something good and tasty but not fast food and Amy's bowls always satisfies! I too have lost weight (without purposely working on it)...eating less portions and better ingredients (plus a good walk!) has done wonders for me! I recently checked my weight and was shocked to see I have lost 13 lbs just by watching portions and eating more Amy's products! Thank you SO much for GOOD food that is good for me! And YES dear Amy, I am your MOTHER'S age (graduated 1964) so I can completely understand the importance of organic and less salt, less sugar, less everything! Once again, I am one of your biggest fans and keep up the GOOD eating work!

From Mary Lou Burch

Dear Amy,
I did not read any of the weight loss success stories, but can only imagine how pleased people are with your products.

I myself have used these tasty meals (from the pizza to the meatless pot pies) to lose over 60 pounds over the past two years.

I started out with Atkin's and am now counting calories, but regardless of the diet plan your meals are just the ticket for helping me stay on track. I just ate your Santa Fe Enchilada bowl for my lunch meal. I am thoroughly full and satisfied from this low-cal (340 cal) meal and will be sustained for several hours.

Thanks so much!
From Abigail P.

Dear Amy,
Oh, Amy I can't tell you what a difference you have made in my grocery life!

Both my granddaughter and I are vegetarians and WE love your nine she adores the black bean and vegetable barley, for me the low-fat, low sodium are great.. and pizza...oh. AMY you are one terrific person.

From Pamela

Dear Amy,

Today I discovered your products.  I was walking through WalMart and for the first time saw your products, and had no idea they were all vegetarian.  I saw something that didn't look like it had meat in it and so I read the back... to my amazement everything was food I could eat..*YAY*  I just bought every different meal they had there!!  Right now I'm stationed in Camp Lejeune, and I haven't previously seen any of your products in the Commissary here, but you bet I'm going tomorrow!!  Down here in North Carolina they don’t have much for non meat eaters.  I've been trying to find products for years that aren't just veggie burgers or look like meat or even taste like meat products.  I was thrilled to discover that your foods are delicious!  Thank you for giving vegetarians a lot more options!
From Gina

Dear Amy,
I purchased one of your frozen enchilada dinners today at Barksdale A.F.B. commissary, came home, microwaved it and liked it. It was organic and was the enchiladas made from tofu, black beans, corn, etc. Just wanted to comment that I look for organic foods and wanted to say thanks...the meal was not expensive, either. I plan to try another of your meals the next time I go to get groceries.

From J. Green

Dear Amy,
My husband found your veggie burgers at our commissary here in Germany and I loved it!  I've been a vegetarian for about a decade and can't belive it took me this long to discover your products.  When I go shopping this week, I plan to load up on Amy's food.   My 12 month old enjoyed hers as well and this is a great way for us to have easy, healthy lunches!   Thanks so much.
P.S I'm excited to see you carry Indian dishes as well! Yumm!

From Angie Crane

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