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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Dear Amy,
As a parent of two "bottomless pit" teenage boys, I have to thank you for their two hands-down favorites.... Cheese Enchiladas and Cheese Pizza Pockets. What a lifesaver they are - I order them by the case just to keep enough on hand for anytime snack attacks.

That being said, we are now adding your Mac 'n Cheese to the list! Talk about yummy - that dish is BY FAR the absolute best pre-packaged Mac 'n
Cheese dish I have ever tasted. I, myself, make a mean Mac 'n Cheese from scratch, which my boys enjoy…but yours just may come in a tad higher on their "taste scale".

Thank you for your products! I especially thank you for not apologizing
for the ingredients you use!
Annola DeJong

Dear Amy,
In an effort to get my two year old to eat vegetables, I send him to daycare with one of your frozen kid's meals. He loves them and I know
he is getting a great meal. Thank you!
Paula Polson

Dear Amy,
About two years ago I started to try to convert my family over to eating
all organic foods. Your products are so tasty, my kids love them,
especially your nacho snack bites and macaroni and cheese.

Thank you for giving us moms a healthy, tasty choice for our children (and us grown ups too!)
Patti Serafini

Dear Amy,
I just gobbled down your Mexican Casserole - divine! It had the cheesy
goodness of some of my favorite Mexican restaurant dishes and a nicely
flavored enchilada sauce. I'll definitely get this again! Thanks!
Melanie Mitchell

Dear Amy,
Wow! This chocolate cake of yours was outstanding. My 8 year-old says it
was the "bomb". I'm glad that it has wonderful ingredients plus it was
extremely moist. Thank you for the great dessert that won't break a
healthy diet.

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to write and say that I had your Organic Black Bean
Vegetable Soup for the first time yesterday and it is hands down the
best black bean soup I have ever had. I felt compelled to write and
tell you, as well as go back to the store and buy a few more cans.


Dear Amy,
I have never written a fan letter to a company, but this one is warranted. Since discovering Amy's a number of years ago, our family of five has been gradually increasing our consumption and reliance on your meals. We bring it to work for lunch, it is a great dinner when I am too
busy to cook, and we call it our "Amy's Diet" when we have put on a few
pounds and need to cut back for a few days. My kids come home and say,
"did you make dinner, or is it an Amy's night?" When I go to the supermarket, people in line tease me about all the different Amy's meals
I have in my cart, and I tell them how wonderful a product it is, how
healthy, delicious, and portion controlled. My son is in college and
has an apartment there, and instead of having a full meal plan he opts
for one meal at the cafeteria, and supplements with a lot of Amy's
meals. I am a psychotherapist specializing in Eating Disorders, and
recommend Amy's to many of my patients as good, delicious food that is
convenient and quick, and low in calories. In fact, my husband and I
recently had a trip to Hawaii, where we stayed in a timeshare with a
microwave, and found Amy's at the grocery. We ate your food for
breakfast and lunch, and then went out for dinner - resulting not
only in money saved, but not gaining weight on this vacation! Can you
tell how excited and passionate we are about your product? Thank you
guys for a job well done, and products that enhance this family's life
immeasurably. I don't know what we would do without you.

Emily B

Dear Amy,
My favorite ethnic food is Indian, and I never thought I'd be able to enjoy it often... I've been working to get in shape; it was my New Year's resolution and I'm sticking with it.
I just ate your Mattar Paneer dish, and I scraped the container. So good and it won't add extra pounds. I'm definitely stocking up on your products when I go grocery shopping next week. Thanks!
Maria Landrum

Dear Amy,
Wow, I just had the Organic Steel Cut Oats for breakfast. It was so good, I am hungry for more, but I feel so stuffed and satisfied. I have recently been trying to go organic for my family and I can tell we are all feeling better. Thank you for making these products that do not taste like garbage.
Holly Egan

Dear Amy,
Your soups are awesome! I am not a "healthy" eater, but after tasting your soup, I think I might turn over a new leaf! I can't believe that this kind of flavor comes from such a wholesome product! It just goes to show that all the fillers and polyoxyribosensorbittartrate garbage is the WRONG way to go!  I can't wait to try everything you make, thanks for keeping the dream alive!
Liz S.

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