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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Dear Amy,
I was so disappointed when I found that the store where I buy Amy's products stopped carrying the Medium Veggie Chili. After checking back several times with no luck I decided that I would try the other organic brand chili. Big mistake it was not good it had no flavor and no veggies. I then turned to the Internet hoping that I would be able to find somewhere that would sell to private customers. I was happily surprised to find your site. It is so easy to navigate and I had no problem ordering my chili. I can not wait for it to come I am in the mist of a full on craving smile

Thank you,
Lindy Roybal

The writers of Moonlight sent us an email letting us know that they love Amy's Kitchen so much that the only items in their office freezer are Amy's and Dove Bars, so we asked them for pictures.

Dear Amy,
All right guys - so we are in the writers office of the CBS vampire drama MOONLIGHT (Fridays at 9!) and of course live here in the production office doing 18 hour days... and the urge to eat junk food is upon us. And yet our PA stumbled upon Amys burritos during his weekly shop and brought back -- and now everyone is eating them... along with your version of PopTarts (toaster pops) and the enchilada lunch... We are Amys crazy and thank you for at least providing nutritious food that actually tastes like food. Except for Dove Bites, the freezer is all Amys all the time...

Humble thanks.

Dear Amy,
I just tried my first Amy's product and am overwhelmed with how delicious and filling it is. The Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal is FABULOUS, as good as, if not better than many of the Mexican food restaurants in town. And we're in Austin where there's a Mexican food joint on every corner. We shied away from your products initially because they are a bit more expensive than other frozen meals but the quality and taste are immeasurably better than your competitors. The cost difference is negligible now that I know how truly delicious your meals are.

From Laurie Gonzales


Dear Amy,
I am not a vegetarian but I love ethnic food. I picked up one of your Indian dishes at Marsh a couple months ago and was very impressed. I tried the Santa Fe Enchilada bowl next and was again "wowed"! Usually frozen meals taste like factory-produced frozen meals...not yours! They seriously taste like I just picked it up from a restaurant!

I love the fact that they're very good nutritionally as well. I hope I can find the breakfast line somewhere in Indianapolis. I really want to try the Tofu Rancheros!
Thanks for making a truly quality product.

From James Wetzel

Dear Amy,
It is hard to remember when I didn’t eat Amy's. When so much yuck is in our world, it is nice to know that some things are still good.

From Tyler Young

Dear Amy,
Hi I love all your products. The pizza is absolutely wonderful. I have never tasted a better crust. My granddaughter works in the new Medford plant and really loves working there.

Best to you and your family,
Joanne Martin

Dear Amy,
A few minutes ago as I prepared my lunch (Amy's Brown Rice Bowl) a co-worker asked me "Is that all you ever eat??!!".... the answer was "Pretty Much".

I wrote a note to you a few years ago. I felt really silly writing it because I'm not in the habit of sending compliments to food companies and usually have no reason to compliment their products in the first place. To be writing a second letter is just plain goofy, but here goes:

I started buying Amy's while my wife was pregnant with our son 3 years ago. It was a blessing to have healthy and delicious food that was easy to prepare for a fella like me that is exceptionally challenged where food preparation is involved. After my wife (who is a wonderful cook by the way) was back on her feet after a challenging pregnancy, we continued purchasing and eating Amy’s' products because we craved them. You folks at Amy's make amazing food - this is coming from a guy who typically never ate anything that wasn't deep friend and served with cheese and bacon. I'm healthier, happier and more satisfied. I've been consistently eating Amy's products longer than I've ever been loyal to any other brand. So thank you for the wonderful products, keep up the phenomenal job and best wishes in 2008.

Kind Regards,
Ted J. Reed

Dear Amy,
My meat and potato husband refuses to accept the fact your products are good for him! He loves them! I've never seen him react the way he did after he had one. He actually used the word "awesome". That never happens! Thank you!

From Julie Wilson


Dear Amy,
I am not sure how long these soy (vegan) cheese products have been out but they are new to me.... and I am so grateful. Your Rice Crust, Soy Spinach Pizza is the best vegan pizza I have had (from a box) and your Rice Pasta and Soy Cheese bowl is DELICIOUS!!!

I wanted to just say thanks for providing some great vegan products; I have been waiting a long time!

From Raquel

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for making such wonderful meals. After realizing about GMO's it is such a relief to know you are there for us who are so worried about our food supply. I feel safe eating your foods. Plus they are delicious. Thank you so much again and keep up the good work.

From Bonnie Hall

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