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Dear Amy,
I just discovered your Chunky Tomato Bisque at Sam's club. I used to buy Campbell's & I used to put cheese in it to add flavor, not any more.

This was the best tasting Tomato Bisque soup I have ever had. Thank you
Thank you.

From Mary Jane Bramble

Dear Amy,
My friend Scott and I have based a relationship solely on eating Amy's Spinach Pizza together. We actually grew apart over the years, but somehow the spinach pizza has rekindled our love . We eat them together and watch movies at least 3 times a week. Thank you Amy we wouldn’t be
happy with out your organic pizza.

From Lauren

Dear Amy,
I recently moved from Phoenix, AZ (the headquarters of great Mexican food) to Michigan and have been struggling to find good, vegetarianmexican food. Your burritos are the next best thing and are holding me over until I go back to Phoenix!

Thanks for the goodness!
Sarah Himes

Dear Amy,
thank you for creating such authentic indian dinners! i could not believe how you have produced such an amazing product that is low fat and authentic. i shared your products with my in-laws who are from india. my mother-in-law said that she has never tasted such a great frozen entree. i love all of your products. and my children adore your soups. thanks for making it easy to provide delicious and nutrious food
for my active children!

From Kerri Singh

Hi to everyone at Amy's,

I just wanted to let you know that i love your food. I read about it on and decided to give it a try since the website always raves about Amy's. The first thing i tried was one of your Enchilada Meals. I'm not a big tofu fan. I think it is fear of the unknown so I wasn't expecting much. Boy was i wrong. It was the best enchilada meal I have ever had. Not just frozen meal but also restaurant meal and my mother's home cooked Mexican meals. (sorry Mom) I didn't miss the meat at all and it was really filling. I tried your ziti bowl next and it lived up to my expectations. From now on Amy's foods will always be on my grocery list and I look forward to trying all of them.

Thank You so much and keep up the delicious work,
Mary Roacho

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to pass on how much I like your products. I am not vegetarian but, I do like to actually know what my food is made of. Too often it seems that our diets are so full of processed foods. It is a testament to the growing weight and health problems of this country a lot of food items that are just processed sugar. It is really nice to have a product like yours and to know that you can eat fast and healthy.

Thank you for making your delicious line of products and I look forward to enjoying them!

Thank you!

From Hilary Colborn

Dear Amy,
I am always amazed by your foods! I am a 27yo resident physician at a urban hospital in Baltimore. I often bring your frozen entrees and sandwich wraps for a hot, healthy, organic meal. They are filling and when I eat one, I know I am getting good wholesome ingredients.

Thank you for the variety and the delicious flavor!!

From Amy

Dear Amy,
I recently discovered your awesome food. I'd always assumed that it wouldn't taste very good because I figured that most healthy foods have to cut out all the things that make food taste good. But recently I decided to go veggie because I discovered how great all the meatless stuff is nowadays! I can't believe how good your frozen dinners are.
Even my junk food junkie boyfriend loves it, and now we both eat it several times a week. One of us will say, "Let's go to Amy's for dinner tonight!" Just wanted to say thanks - there's not a single dish where I haven't said, "Wow, that's really good!"

From Jeanne

Bean & Rice Burrito - Non Dairy:
I kept having to read the ingredients on this- i could have sworn it contained cheese! It was so delicious, and reminiscent of fat-laden (albeit very very yummy) frozen fast food burritos- i enjoyed it immensely!

From Ingrid

Dear Amy's Foods,

The more I try your foods, the more impressed I am with the quality of your delicious and healthful foods. I never worry about the integrity of your products which I buy whole-heartedly with no reservation.

Please continue your high-quality foods and making them available in the average grocery stores.

David Williams, M.D.

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