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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Dear Amy,
LOVE the Lentil Vegetable soup! Just tried it for the first time today. My mother used to make lentil soup, and it is nice to be able to buy a ready-made version that is SO GOOD! It is so easy to heat up, and the flavor is just right. I ate the whole can by myself. Keep up the good work - I enjoy many of your other food products. We just went organic about 10 months ago, and I cannot believe how much more flavorful organic foods are. So glad I found your products. THANKS!

From Dianne O'Donnell

Dear Amy,
I just tried Amy's for the first time today. I had the Palak Paneer and it was super! I can't wait to try the others that I bought. Thanks so much for taking care of the vegetarians and those of us who care about what we put in our tummies!

From MJ wade

Dear Amy,
I enjoyed seeing you on Donny Deutsch, you share your love and kindness with lots of us, as you prepare foods that are delicious and healthy. I have tried the veggie burgers (bought in Kroger in Mt. Orab, OH) and I'm buying more, plus some other entries. Thanks.

From Carolyn

Dear Amy,
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love your products. Not only is your food easy (frozen, microwaveable, etc.) it actually tastes good! My life is hectic and nothing is better than throwing a burrito in the microwave and actually feeling like I ate REAL food that is good for me. Thank you for your quality. I will keep buying Amy's!

From Adrienne Kasko

Dear Amy,
I've been purchasing Amy's meals for about two months now. My son and I (both vegetarians) were in our local grocery story (Strack & Vantils - Schererville, IN) and were saying to each other...gosh, I wish we had more prepared options. We searched the frozen food section and saw Amy's products. I purchased about 10 meals because we were so excited. Our lives are so much easier now. The food is OUTSTANDING! I can't believe how good everything tastes. Please keep up the great work! I always tell people about your products. It's so nice to have the option of eating great food without killing animals. Thanks!

From Julie Rizzo

Dear Amy,
I have been loving your products for a couple of years now and I was
just watching "The Big Idea" and you guys were on there talking about
how you read all of your letters and I figured I would send
you a long overdue comment. I absolutely love your products and brag
about them to anyone and everyone any chance I get. I seriously think they are the best frozen item available on the market! I have loved every product I have ever tried and some of my favorites are the
California Veggie Burger, Tofu Scramble Pockets, and the Tofu Lasagna!

Love ‘em, Love ‘em, Love ‘em! So thank you and I wish you continued

Jen, Seattle WA

Dear Amy,
I don't even know the last time I wrote a company with praise instead of
a complaint. I just wanted to say that since I've been introduced to
your products a few months ago, I have become a HUGE fan! I can't
believe how tasty (and healthy!) your frozen meals are. From the Brown
Rice & Tofu bowl to the Pesto Pizza - I love it all! Keep up the great

From Tanya Menoni

Hello Amy's!

I discovered your products because I suffer from horrible migraines when I consume various preservatives or MSG. I know this kind of reaction to MSG is common, but I'm not so sure about preservatives. So while I'm not a vegetarian, I sure don't mind being one when I eat your products. Not only do they save me loads of pain, they are truly delicious. Even if I didn't have to watch the ingredients, I'd probably eat them just on taste alone they are so good.

The headaches can take anywhere from 4 - 36+ hours to develop depending on which preservative and amount consumed. Yes, that delay made and makes it tricky to track down the culprit! In case it might help someone, here's a list of preservatives I know cause me migraines:

Sulfites (in all its many forms. yes, this means no wine, missed for flavor, not the alcohol :( ), sodium phosphates (again many variants of this), BHA, BHT, TBHQ, calcium disodium EDTA and tetrasodium EDTA. I also avoid Dimethylpolysiloxane (the anti-foaming agent added to frying oil in many restaurants.) Yes, they're feeding people this chemical to avoid burning employees by oil splattering instead of finding some other way to solve the problem, though I can't really tell if it's that or the preservatives in the food that's fried. At this point I don't care to know.... Sodium benzoate and Polysorbate 60/80 are on my suspect list, not yet really confirmed.

They may protect profits, food, and flavor, but they sure don't protect ME!

I discovered all this by my own trial and error, not by any other tests. I went to a family doctor several years ago. I told him my father has the SAME problem and cause, and therefore I highly suspected the same of myself. His response? Unfortunately he just gave me a prescription sample. "Because the drugs work so well," he said, "let's try to solve this by drugs first, then look at other things if they don't work." Well, I ignored him and did my own "testing". I STILL can't believe his response. Now that I've just moved to a more populated area, I may try to see an allergy or nutrition specialist and see if there is anything more I can find out. But there may be little or nothing to gain when I've already found the cause?

I am also lactose intolerant, but I take lactase enzyme and that does the trick (with the exception of drinking milk straight).

Thank you Amy's for not using any of these chemicals in your food. It has literally made life livable some days.


Dear Amy,
I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Lentil soup for the first time tonight and was absolutely amazed! I felt obligated to write and let you know!

I've been trying to make it a point to eat healthier. I can guarantee I will be purchasing your product EVERY time I go to the supermarket in the future. Awesome stuff- thanks!

From Tom

Dear Amy,
I just had the Cheese Enchilada dinner and it is one of the best frozen
dinners I have ever had! Absolutely delicious! I eat a frozen meal for
lunch most days and compared to the competition, this is excellent! The
food is worth the extra cost! I love your philosophy. Looking forward
to eating more meals from you guys!

From Amit Shah

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