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Dear Amy,
I probably can not say anything that hasn't been said by others but here goes. I tried your chili years ago and loved it but the store went out of business and I couldn't find it anywhere.

I recently found your soups and tried them and they are great. I can't stand Progresso and Campbell’s are too salty. I just found out that you have an Internet store and shall order some chili. Please don't go out of business.

Thank you, Russ

Dear Amy,
There's only one Indian restaurant here in Evansville, Indiana and my husband doesn't care for Indian food so we seldom went. But I love Indian!

When I found your dinners in our local market I was hopeful but skeptical. I brought home the Mattar Paneer.

When I pulled it from the microwave at home and those Indian spices filled my kitchen... that alone was wonderful! But then I sat down to eat and found that the textures were perfect - I think the food in your dinner is fresher than the food I would get at the restaurant!

The only thing I missed was having bread on the side. I compromised and found that the flat breads they have at the store for making pizza work really well - heated just a bit in the oven. Toss some of the beans and peas and rice into a fold of that bread and ... Mmmmmm Life is good. smile

And they're healthy, too!

Thank you so much for adding this variety to my life and doing it right. I've told my friends & family to look for your dinners.

Amy Gelinas

Dear Amy,
Your pizza is wonderful.  I try to eat healthy, and can splurge on one of your spinach pies without feeling like I've eaten junk food.  The pie tastes so wonderful, I truly enjoy every bite, and even share a little with my little chihuahua, Jasper.  She goes nuts for it.  Thank You. 

From Mary Collet

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to thank you for such awesome variety and quality!!  My 14 year old made the decision to become vegetarian last spring. The rest of the family is not vegetarian so sometimes meal planning is difficult. We have one child with serious allergies (soy, dairy, tree nuts, egg yolks), two that eat most anything, and one vegetarian! Your products make life so much easier! I always know there are options in my freezer for nutritious meals for my family!  Thanks so much!

Lisa Blocker

Dear Amy,
I don't often take the time to let companies know when they excel, but I really wanted to this time!  I used to cook Indian food but now really do not find the time to do so.  I have so much enjoyed your Indian Entrees (Palak Paneer and Matar Paneer).  I love them because they are low fat, low calorie and have the most authentic, fabulous taste.  When I'm craving the spicy goodness of Indian cuisine, I look no further than my freezer for the Amy's boxes inside!  Thanks!

From Melanie St Clair

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for all the delicious food you make! My mom has been a vegan for years and I have been a vegetarian all my life, and you make it so much fun! People ask me again and again, "How have you never even tried meat??" Because there're so many better things out there, in particular, the food you make! Without all the variety my tongue would've lived a bland and unexciting life. Thank you for giving me an option that I look forward to!

From Nikki

Dear Amy,
I just wanted to reach out and state how much I enjoy your products. I have recently stopped eating meat since September and practically live off of your foods. They are wonderful and I thought that you would like to know.

Stacey B.

Dear Amy,
I am just writing to tell you how very pleased I've been with everything I have tried that is produced by your company. I love this website too! Getting to see how tofu is made is really interesting!

I became a vegetarian a little over a year ago. At first, I thought my choices were going to be very limited. I have since discovered a whole new world. And I am pleased to say that Amy's is in that "whole new world". Your products are good, filling, and I don't feel bad physically or mentally from eating them. Thank you for all your hard work developing these products. They are wonderful!

From Becky Smith

Dear Amy,
Thanks for a great, nutritious line of foods. I'm a working mom w/ two small children living in the mayhem of NYC. I discovered your products about 6 months ago and am now hooked! You make my life easy - I can avoid ordering as a quick meal option and avoid the cost, sodium and added calories. Plus I know I'm not getting preservatives and nitrate laden foods that just drive little kids brains crazy. Well done and keep coming up with new ideas!


Dear Amy,
I just have to compliment you on the new Southern Meal with Cornbread & Beans. I cannot believe how GOOD this dish is. What comfort food! It's beautiful bright contrasting colors of the bright greens and the orange sweet potatoes coupled with the warm soothing tastes and aromas are to die for. Keep up the good work! Your Indian meals are also beyond fantastic! I don't know what I'd eat for lunch at work everyday if it wasn't for Amy's.

From Diane Eardley

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