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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your fine products. As a person who is very concerned about the environment and the food we eat, I am hoping that an increasing number of people will purchase more organic foods like yours.

I was introduced to them by my daughter and had been looking for Amy's brand at the stores that were more convenient to me here in Phoenix. I am happy to say that I have found them at Albertson's in my area and am so delighted.

I haven't tried all of Amy's products as yet but I am very pleased about the ones I have tried so far. My husband, who is not an "adventuresome eater," tried one of your enchilada dinners just today and thought it delicious! And I am so grateful for fast and nutritious meals. I have to say Amy's is the first "TV-dinner" type food (forgive that label) that I have actually enjoyed!

I hope that my purchasing of Amy's products will ensure that your company will continue to be successtul. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Catherine Mussatto

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

Thank you so much! I finally have something to eat! I am a cancer survivor and was put on a vegetarian lifestyle. It has been extremely hard finding things to eat. I read about your product in the People Magazine and immediately bought one box of every product you make! Now I can feel good and eat healthy meals!

Thank you, again for such wonderful products! Dinner for me for the past year has consisted of "handfuls" of what ever I could get a hold of as long as it did not contain meat. (popcorn, candy, chips, vegetables, fruit, tofu), partly unhealthy until I came across your frozen meals!

I told my mother about your product and she went out and bought them also.

Gratefully Yours,

Lisa Noetzel

Dear Berliner Family:

Finally, I'm taking time to say thank you to your family. Last year, I very nearly died from an often-terminal illness. During that year (and continuing today) I virtually lived on your canneloni and veggies. Because of your help, because of your nourishment, I've regained the 20 pounds I lost and I'm on the road to recovering completely. My son (I'm a single Mom) says to tell you "thank you for helping me and my mom, and your food is hard-core!!" (I'm pretty sure that is a good thing...)

Much love and God's blessings to all of you. Please hug your Amy for me.

Thank you,

Ellen Conaway

To Whom It May Concern,

We are 2 ovo-lacto vegetarians who like pizza a lot!!!! Before we found out that the cheese on your pizza did not contain animal rennet we were really mad that just about every other kind of cheese on pizza had animal enzymes in them. We were really excited when we found a kind of pizza we could eat!

We want to thank you for making such great pizza without so many animal products.

Yours Truly
Ellie & Evany McCann

Dearest Wonderful People of Amy's Kitchen,

I am so pleased that your company is producing such quality delights. The business reports indicate all is well for you and yours - "hot dog"!

That means 'you' will be around to take care of me. Bless you for all the vegetarian no-cheese pizza! Happiest of times, next year and beyond.

Joy Hartsfield, artist

Dear Amy,

I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate your products. I am a busy professional with a young son. Not a day goes by that we don't consume at least one of your entrees.

In the morning I prepare my son's school lunch and put it in a thermos. He especially enjoys your macaroni and cheese, the ravioli, and your cheese enchilada (with the corn and beans). When I prepare my breakfast I usually pop a vegetarian pocket sandwich in the microwave. Snack after school consists of Amy's cheese pizza and when there's little time for dinner we'll try the bean enchiladas, or Asian stir fry.

I am thrilled that I can provide organic, healthy and tasty entrees very quickly. Amy, I have to say - you save my life. I look forward to further creations.

Janet Howath

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