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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


I just wanted to thank you for making wonderful meals without milk in them! Finally, it's easy to shop for my son - who is 1 1/2 years old and lactose intolerant. Cooking was a nightmare because everything good had milk in it! I'm glad that someone thought of non-dairy frozen foods. What a blessing! I am so grateful. Keep up the good work.


Susan Scappaticce - stay home mother of one.

To everyone at Amy's Kitchen, Inc.

I am one who never buys pre-made frozen food. I love to cook myself so there was never a need.

Then on a whim I bought an Amy's Spinach Pizza, then Shepherd's Pies, the veggie burgers and on and on! I'm addicted!

I love absolutely everything you make. Amy's is the only brand I buy. Please, please keep up the good work!


Pamela Condon

P.S. I also never write to companies. You are wonderful!

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