Meatless Pepperoni Pizza / Pepperoni Sans Viande

Meatless Pepperoni Pizza/Pepperoni Sans Viande

How do you make a pepperoni pizza taste like one, without the pepperoni? Simple. Use paprika, cayenne pepper and fennel, blended with our made-in-house organic tofu, to create that spicy, peppery taste and texture that pepperoni lovers crave. It’s sprinkled with Monterey Jack, Cheddar and mozzarella cheeses to round out the traditional flavours on our meatless pepperoni pizza. Tree nut free/kosher

Comment pouvez-vous faire une pizza qui goûte le pepperoni sans y mettre de pepperonis? Rien de plus simple. Nous mélangeons du paprika, du poivre de cayenne et du fenouil à notre tofu biologique maison afin de recréer cette texture et cette saveur dont les amateurs de pepperoni raffolent. Notre pizza au pepperoni sans viande est saupoudrée d’un mélange de fromages Monterey Jack, de cheddar et de mozzarella qui lui procure une véritable saveur traditionnelle. Sans noix/casher

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Ball of dough

The Rising Room

Dough can be finicky. Everything needs to be perfect for it to happily rise. That’s why our pizza dough gets a room all to itself. After the dough is made, it is transferred to the rising room where the temperature and conditions are carefully regulated by a special team in charge of the rising process. As the sweet smell of rising yeast fills the room, our team of specialists monitor the dough’s progress.