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The whole enchilada: An authentic Mexican meal in your freezer.

September 2, 2009 Source: Merritt Watts / Self Magazine
The whole enchilada: An authentic Mexican meal in your freezer.

Amy'sHere it is, almost Labor Day, and the closest you've gotten to a romantic Mexican getaway all summer has been watching Salma Hayek in Fools Rush In with a Corona Light? No worries - there is a healthy way to upgrade the authenticity-factor of your Mexican "staycation" (and it doesn't involve a sombrero, a sunburn or tequila) - it's Amy's new Enhilada Verde whole meal.

Amy'sThe frozen dinner was inspired by Amy's recent study abroad experience in Mexico (yes, Amy is a real person! Her parents started the company - she's a junior in college now. Read her blog here.) It blends organic spinach with jack cheese and queso fresco to form the enchilada filling. That is wrapped in a corn tortilla which is topped with a spicy verde sauce and served with brown rice, veggies and black beans. The flavor is fresh and with 15 grams of protein and 20% of your daily value for iron, you won't
even miss the meat!

It's no surprise I'm loving Amy's latest offering... After all, the company won our Lifetime Achievement Award in our Healthy Food Awards for being "body-friendly fast food." Check out this picture of Amy by her favorite vegetarian restaurant in Mexico. Now that looks like la vida!

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