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Dear Amy's Kitchen,
Holy moly. On a whim one day I purchased one of your Bowls. It was from a local grocer that focuses on real food, locally sourced, organic and/or any combination of the three. I knew nothing about your company and didn't get much farther than the picture on the box and the calorie count. It was the best frozen meal I have ever had. Then I read the ingredient list and I was duly impressed. A few nights later I randomly couldn't sleep, this never ever happens to me, but it was such that I actually got up and watched TV. Amy's was featured on "How It's Made" and I was beyond thrilled to see real food being put in little cartons, frozen and wrapped.
I'm fully obsessed. It's real food, and you can taste it. I love them so much. Now I'm just eating my way through your entire product line. Even my meat and potatoes fiance was very impressed with your Margherita Pizza! Love, love, love your food, thank you so much for making such a wholesome, healthful product!

From Karin Meares

Dear Amy's,

Thank you THANK YOU for creating a delicious, satisfying, healthy and VEGAN burger option. It is way better than Boca Burgers and I am absolutely loving it.  Thank you so much for your commitment to creating healthy, organic food for the vegetarian and vegan community.  Your food is truly a wonderful gift.

Best regards,

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

Hii there from Toronto I just discovered the Gluten Free/Dairy Free burrito. I'm sooooooooo excited, it's now in the oven. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS TYPE OF PRODUCT! Including no soy or yeast, with the above. Great work...iIve been waiting a long time.

From Karon Finley

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
A few years ago while trying to lose weight I was having the hardest time with portion control. Thanks to Amy's delicious meals I was able to control the amount of calories I was taking in and have a better idea of a proper serving size.  Amy's is my go-to when I am trying to make smarter decisions at dinner!  Thank you for all your great options!

From Alyssa

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

I came from India on a Business visit to AZ, USA & staying couple of weeks here. As I am a strictly vegetarian, I found diffuculities in finiding right place to eat. But fortunately I got your company's Indian Dishes in Walmart yesterday. I had 'Mattar Paneer' and trust me, it taste exactly the same if I am eating it in any of the good Indian Restaurants. Thanks a lot for making me available my own country food with same taste & freshness. And now I am feeling relaxed and can spend my remaining time in US without geting starved.

Thank you so much & best wishes forever.

Gajendra G Kelkar

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
When I purchased Amy's Vegetable Lasagna I never expected it to taste SO GOOD..Usually 'low sodium' products have a bland taste but not this one.
Smelled wonderful cooking and the very first taste sold me. It was absolutely delicious!. Thank you for making this skeptic a believer!

From Sue Caward

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
I have recently discovered your products in my local grocery and was skeptical since I am not normally a fan of frozen foods, but like all Mom's I try to find a selection of items that are not only fast and easy but things I can also feel good about feeding my children.  I was so pleased with your foods.  They tasted great and I didn't feel like I was cheating my kids out of a healthy diet.  Great job Amy's...keep up the great work!

From Desiree

Dear Amy's Kitchen,
My teenage daughter decided that we all needed to change our eating habits (we spent way too much time in the drive thru lines) and introduced me to the Amy's brand. I truly had no idea that eating healthy could taste so good. Thank you for deliciously wonderful food we all can enjoy!


Sincerely, The Russell Family


Dear Amy's Kitchen,
My two year old, picky eater loves your Vegetable Lasagna! I can't tell you how much peace of mind it gives me to know that there's something that's not only quick and easy but great for my growing son as well. Thank you so much for the wonderful, REAL food you make!

From Carla Salguero


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