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Dear Berliner Family,

Just wanted to say 'thank you' for all the wonderful products you make.
There is nothing better on a rainy Northwest day than Amy's Mexican Casserole bowl. I have enjoyed all the Amy's products I've tried. Here's looking forward to much more!

Marti Gilland

Dear Amy,
Just wanted to say I am in love...with Amy's! My mom introduced me and I have been a fan ever since. We only have like two or three choices here at our Walmart but they are delicious! The veggie lasagna is such a treat! I just wanted to thank you and encourage you to keep on making good stuff. I have lost over 30lbs this past year and am looking to maintain with your help. Thanks again for making such yummy stuff that is good for you!  Yay for Amy's!!!

From Cara

Dear Amy,

I am just writing to say that your line of foods has greatly improved my life. I became a vegetarian about a year ago after learning about the horrors of factory farming, and at first the only meals I knew how to make were ones that took forever. Upon finding your food line I discovered that I didn't need to give up taste or time to be a vegetarian, and I could still eat very good meals. Thank you very much for helping me to still eat like a normal person even though I'm a vegetarian!

Have a great day,
Sierra Williams

Dear Amy,
Hello Amy's from Oklahoma, I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping me lose 40+ lbs. I love your entrees and have one for my lunch everyday. My meat and potatoes husband even likes them (I'm trying to convert him!). With your wide variety of entrees, my meals are never boring.
Thank you again for all your wonderful HEALTHY products. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

All the best,
Mrs. Carol Andries

Dear Amy,
Yesterday, I tried your Organic Beans and Rice Burrito- Non Dairy and
today, I tried the Indian Vegetable Korma. My taste buds are doing
flips. The food is delicious! Thank you for making such great organic,
vegetarian products.

From Amy

Dear Amy,
Hi There,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort
you put into making healthy food taste good. I jumped up and down like a
kid when I saw your new GF and V Burritos. I just ate one today and it
is absolutely delicious!! Thank You!

From Tiana

Dear Amy,
I am on contract for two years in the Cayman Islands, and Kirk's Supermarket carries several freezer sections of Amy's items (bless them). I've eaten your burritos and spinach hand meals things, and the stuffed shells for years. But tonight I had the Brown Rice & Vegetables, and I'm crooning with happiness. It's incredibly delicious. I could eat this every day. For someone that is busy as hell, this just makes everything simpler and happier. Thanks so much!


Dear Amy's
Thank you so much for the diet plan you offer online.
I don't have much weight to loose, but I have high cholesterol and have been looking for a way to eat healthier. I am a vegetarian and most diet
plans I've found are focused on chicken, turkey, and other lean meats.
It's been great to have a plan that is totally vegetarian - I don't have to worry about making any substitutions. I also love that you have products that satisfy my cheese craving (which I suspect is the cause of my high cholesterol) without too many calories or fat grams. I actually learned about your products from a co-worker who is a cancer survivor and is using your products as part of her "anti-cancer" diet. I won't have my cholesterol checked again for a few months but I expect it will be much lower!


Dear Amy,
I started my eating Amy's on Feb. 1, 2009 and I am happy to report that I am now 32 pounds lighter. My Mother has been so impressed with my results that she has started eating Amy's as well. I still have a way to go but I am feeling a million times better, healthier, happier and with more energy. My kids have noticed the change and are reaping the rewards of my additional energy. I will continue to keep you posted about my progress. My goal is to drop a total of 88 pounds. I still have 56 to go but that doesn't worry me one bit, not with all the delicious food choice you continue to offer! BTW - love the new Chocolate cake.

Angela F.

Dear Amy,

I'm a Mommy to a cute little 8 yr old guy named Gavin who because of a variety of allergies couldn't have his favorite food "orange" mac and cheese.  We tried some of the box mixes and well...ewww!  He would cry and cry when he saw it in the grocery store, but I had to tell him "no you can't have that."
Until...we happned to be crusing through the Natural section of our local Stop and Shop...and behold...there it was, Amy's gluten free/dairy free Mac & looked good on the package, so we bought a test one.  That night he gobbled it down and declared it to be "la-licious."

We then went right back and bought them out.  I am so happy for him and his little belly that he can eat his favorite food once again, and that it tastes good too!

From Nicole Jette

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