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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Dear Amy,
I must say the food is very nourishing and filling. Even my kids love it especially the cheese snacks! The pizza and Indian dishes are totally delicious. There are so many varieties now I don't know what to try next.


Dear Amy
I've been enjoying your soups for a while. I have two African Grey parrots, and I make a "mash" for them that contains chopped up organic fruits, veggies, grains, etc. Sometimes they get tired of it, so for a while now I've been buying your soups for my birds! I add a tablespoon or so to their mash to give it a different flavor and texture. Their favorite is alphabet, which isn't always easy to find. The other day I was getting ready to mix up some food for the birds, and my Congo Grey 'Fawkes' decided to help herself to your soup right out of the can! I thought you'd enjoy these photos of her chowing down!

I HAD to write you after I tried some of your Traditional Vegetarian Organic Refried Beans! I've never written about a product before in my life, but these were too good NOT to tell you about! I try to eat as healthy as possible but since I am in the Air Force stationed in Japan, it can be difficult. I found your beans at the commissary and, since I love many of your other products, picked up several cans. I just tried them and I'm completely shocked, they are by FAR the best refried beans I've ever had! I hate to say it, but I ate the whole can by myself and can't get over how good they are! I've tried many brands and even made my own but nothing compares to these! The onion and garlic flavor is just right and so is the texture. On top of that they are organic! You have always exceeded my expectation for store bought food, and this case was no different! Thank you for consistently putting out such truly high superior products!
Dave Okinawa, Japan

Dear Amy,
I am a college student, and I love your foods. I am a vegan of two years, and when there is nothing I can eat at the cafe I come back to my room and have one of your veggie burgers or burritos. I just tried your black bean and corn salsa and I loved it. I really enjoy your soups as well, they make a good night snack. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how you have made vegan food that is easy to make and scrumcious!

Dear Amy,
I just want to say thanks for offering a delicious, healthy, low cost alternative to buying my lunch every day. We're all cutting back these days, and it's nice that I don't need to eat tasteless, chemical "food" to do so.
Amanda Moore

Dear Amy,
For the past year my girlfriend (an her "posse") has been on a health food kick.  I would always sneak out to McDonalds to eat some non-cardboard tasting food. She recently coaxed me into eating some of your Teriyaki bowl and your Santa Fe Enchilada Bowl and it was amazing. It tasted great and I was full enough to not have to sneak out to get "real" food. I couldn't believe your food was healthy type food. I was floored. I then started exploring all that Amy's has to offer. I love your chili, tomato soup, your pizzas are delicious (especially on the grill!), your cheese pockets, and your pot pies have all been great so far. I have even turned my brother, my basketball team, and many of my co-workers onto Amy's. I brought Amy's pizza to one of our after basketball get-togethers. Everyone loved them. 

Thanks so much,
Thomaz Maimonis

Dear Amy,
Hi...your products are so delicious! Of all the Amy's food I've tried, and over the years that has been MANY of your products, you continue to
be the best! Of course I have my usual favorites but when I do try something new, I know in advance that it will be delicious! That's how much confidence I have in your products, because of my past experiences!

Thank you, and please keep doing what you already do so well!
From Lauren Nadel

Dear Amy,
Hi, I have two jobs. My main job is as the director of a childcare center. I got home tonight after a 12 hour day, and decided to cook your Spinach Pizza, which I had bought after seeing a Today Show segment saying that your pizza was the best "alternative" pizza (or something like that.) On the side, I run an organic perennial nursery, so I was pleasantly surprised to see as I was opening the box, that you use no products that are genetically engineered, and that your dairy products contain no rBST hormones. So then I ate the pizza, and it was truly the best "boxed" pizza that I have ever had! So thank you, for making a product that is easy to cook at the end of a long day, uses ingredients that I would use myself, if I had had time to cook this, and is wonderfully delicious at the same time! I will never buy another type of pizza again, and will certainly try your other products.
Jenne Morton

Dear Amy,
Hello, I just want to say thank you for feeding me great, wholesome, organic food meals. My favorites are the Tofu Lasagna, Vegetable Pie and the rice bowls (and MANY more).

It is so nice to be able to purchase a convenience meal and not worry about how it will taste and if it is nutritious or not.

The quality of your food is perfection. Your food tastes like it was just made in your own kitchen after it is heated.

Thank you for providing these meals to a busy person who works full time and cannot cook everyday.

From, Sara

Dear Amy's,
Your foods have been a godsend for me since I recently started eating a lot more organic foods. I know that I can eat anything put out by your company and not have to worry about what is in it! Thank y’all so much for giving me peace of mind about what I am feeding my family.
From Ashly Morton

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