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Dear Amy: Mailbox: Archive


Dear Amy,
Thank you for making food that is not only good for the body, but tasty for the palate, too. My choice to be a "flexetarian" (mostly vegetarian, meat once a week or so) has benefited my waistline as well as my wallet, even though Amy's meals are a little more expensive than other frozen meals I used to eat. Your products are well worth the money. Amy's meals are made with such wholesome ingredients that one stays full longer. Also, the choices are so varied, I did not have to give up my favorite East Indian and Mexican dishes. Keep up the good work and know you have a fan in the Heart of Dixie.

Carmen Callahan

Dear Amy,

Hello, I've recently discovered the products you offer in the frozen foods
section and I just wanted to say thank you for providing a quality alternative to all of the unbelievable junk that is piled into the mainstream frozen food market.

I used to eat the "hot pockets" nearly every day for lunch until I glanced at the ingredients on the box one day - they read more like a science project than a consumable food item.

The ingredients on the Amy's pockets reads like a recipe I would get from my mom and I wanted to let you know there are plenty of us out here that appreciates your efforts!

From John

Dear Amy,
Hi, I am a nanny for an amazing family with two kids. They love Amy's
products and after my first taste I was hooked! I absolutely love the
Tomato Bisque Soup and all of the Pizzas! I have switched my family and
friends over to Amy's, as well. It isn't hard to switch people over
when everything tastes so great! Thank you for changing the way people see

From Bonnie

Dear Amy's,
I discovered your products about five years ago when I was attending The University of Pittsburgh and discovered a Whole Foods not far from campus. I immediately fell in love with your Lentil Soup and Vegetable Lasagna. Since then, I have tried a wide variety of your tasty, organic food from your Tofu Pockets to your Vegetarian Meatloaf and have NEVER been disappointed. In recent years, going organic has become a food industry craze. I know many companies are trying to cash in by claiming that their products are all natural and misleading consumers to believe that they are organic, when they are not. With food costs rising and the economy slowing, I hope Amy's always stays faithful to its roots and continues to provide fresh, organic, vegetarian meals. If you make it, I will eat it!


Hi Guys,
Being single is not easy coming home after a long day at the office and cooking, so stopped off at my local supermarket and was in the mood for pizza. There were more than 7 brands and 25 different types. I am watching my salt intake and always read the labels. When I read yours, it had a lower sodium content than the others and decided to try it. I decided to make your pizza my way, so I sliced a fresh tomato and put it on top of the pizza before I put it in the oven. Magniffico! Best frozen pizza I ever had. Tasted like it came fresh from the my coal fired pizza place. I am definitely going to buy this again and try some of your other products! Keep up the good health!

Steve Whyte

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for making such wonderful meals. After realizing about GMO's it is such a relief to know you are there for us who are so worried about our food supply. I feel safe eating your foods. Plus they are delicious. Thank you so much again and keep up the good work.

From Bonnie Hall

Dear Amy,
I have been on Weight Watchers for about a year (lost 40 lbs, almost to goal!) and have recently discovered your frozen meals. The commissary has a limited selection of items (a few Bowls and an Enchilada plate or two?), but all I've tried so far have been delicious. My husband is gone now and then (military), and he is the main cook in our family. In the old days, when he was gone, I'd have microwave popcorn or cereal for dinner. Now I can stock the freezer with some of your meals and know
I'll feed myself properly when he's gone. Thanks! Can't wait to try the Apple Pie. I will search high and low for it! Cheers.

From Beth Thomas

Dear Amy,
Today I had your Vegetable Lasagna and it is absolutely delicious! The helping size is actually normal! I do not like when I get something that is the size of your the calories, sodium, etc. - and then realize that they are calling it 2 servings! You are realistic - it is so refreshing. And - your lasagna could be served in a restaurant, it is so good. I also love your pizzas. And I really appreciate that you try to use organic and healthy ingredients.

Thank you!

Dear Amy,
I just got done eating the Veggie Loaf meal. Someone at work asked about it so I read the ingredients to them. In the process of that, I realized (again) how much I appreciate your company making pure, unadulterated, real, good tasting, quick and easy food! Knowing how much food and food additive choices effect how I feel, I am very health conscious and usually prepare my own food instead of eating at restaurants. It is very time consuming but absolutely essential for me to be happy, healthy and productive in my life. So it is wonderful to know when I am just too busy, I can trust your food items. I can't say enough how important that is to me. Please remain dedicated to your consumers and their health. You are one of a very few companies I feel can be completely trusted. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

From Cathy Stiglich

Dear Amy,
Your Tortellini Bowl was the best and the meals help me eat healthy
During my busy school schedule. I leave right from school during the
week and go to work. There are a dozen fast food places around there and eating your meals is way better than some greasy concoction.
I just wanted to say thanks smile

From Derek Roper

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