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Our People

Carol Tamagni - Consumer Relations

How long have you been working at Amy's?
Almost five years.

What is your position?
Consumer Relations

How many emails do you answer a month?
About a 1,000 or so a month.

What is your favorite part of this job?
Introducing a consumer to a new meal they might not have thought about trying....and the consumer then calls back to tell me that they love it!

Conversations with the consumers who somehow "personalize" our meals...adding rice or broccoli to one of the tomato soups or hearing about movie nights with our pizza.

One family wrote in to tell me about their "world" night where one of our ethnic meals were served with music to match! What a great way to introduce their kids to other parts of the world!

What are some of the quirky things people have asked for in letters?
Someone asked how to order our meals for an expedition to the North Pole! (No, it wasn't for Santa Claus!)

An Amy's line of clothes (what a good idea!)

We receive feedback from consumers who were introduced to our soups in the hospital. They want to find out where to purchase the soup they were served! Imagine that? Tasty hospital food!

What is your amazing pizza weight loss secret?
Wow! You can tell?! I have a sensible breakfast and then a couple of slices (one serving portion) of Amy's pizza with a side of salad for lunch. I like the Spinach Pizza, Pesto Pizza and both Rice Crust Pizzas. I like our pizzas because they are filling, without making me feel guilty.

Since I am normally short on time for breakfast and lunch, I make it a point to set the table for dinner, real cloth napkins, a favorite plate and I take the time to enjoy my meal. No TV or reading but goods friends at the table is preferable! I get so involved in conversation that I actually slow my eating down, which makes me feel fuller with less food.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I have an organic vegetable/flower garden (it is trying to be a French
potager!) I enjoy cooking and gardening is a perfect complement! Tom Mello, our Ag guy helped me till the garden this summer and he gave me lots of kale and broccoli starts! Now I have lettuce, spinach, onions, leeks, peas, fava beans, and cabbage. What a nice soup this will make!

I am also very proud of my recent accomplishment....almost 8 months without using my electric clothes dryer...just solar drying (ok, the green term for a clothes line!)

Tell me about Toby.
Toby is a Golden Retriever who came into my life two weeks before 9/11/01. He is a great housemate, travel companion...and a good canine citizen. He insists that we walk several miles a we both keep each other healthy! The other night we saw three owls, a fox and some bright planets in the night sky. This was just on our normal evening walk. I would not see these things on a daily basis if it were not for him.

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